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"Attending the finest institutions of learning is not the only thing necessary to becoming a great physician. A good education is just part of the puzzle. Throughout my years in medical school, I surrounded myself with the highest achievers, because I wanted to be the best. This experience intensified my education and the breadth of my comprehension, which I would later build upon."

GRADUATE: MD, University of Rochester; AB, Biology, University of Rochester
BOARD CERTIFIED: National Board of Medical Examiners, American Board of Surgery, American Board of Plastic Surgery
FELLOW: American College of Surgeons
PRESIDENT: New York County Medical Society, 1998-1999
MEMBER: American Society of Plastic Surgeons, New York County Medical Society, Medical Society of State of New York

A Women's Eye
"Many women have confided to me that they do feel they had a more comfortable plastic surgery experience by going to a female plastic surgeon, simply because women understand each other. Common sense tells me that they are probably right, even though the vast majority of plastic surgeons are male. I am a mother as well, and I understand the concerns, insecurities, and goals women have with their bodies when considering plastic surgery. Female plastic surgeons bring a different sensitivity that comes from simply being women themselves. I believe this unique understanding is crucial to bringing your inner vision of beauty out.�

DELEGATE: Medical Society of the State of New York
RESIDENCY: St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, General Surgery; New York Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, Plastic Surgery
HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS: St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Associate Attending

Improving Your Quality of Life
"If a smaller nose, an eyelift, or a tummy tuck can make a difference in a person's sense of self-worth, then its value cannot be denied. Just as time and gravity work to unhinge a person who does nothing but grow older, a thinking person will overcome these forces by applying another. That is where I come in."

TEACHER: St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center, Clinic and Operating Room Supervision of Plastic Surgery Residents
PRESENTATIONS: Advances in Plastic Surgery the XII Medical Congress of the Spanish-American Medical Society; Liposuction–Technique, Patient Selection, Indications, New York County Medical Society and New York Academy of Medicine Symposium on Diet and Obesity, Contemporary Techniques in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery: Saint Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center.

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